We Love Video. That means the entire process from setting up the shoot at your premises or in the studio, to the final edit, finishing touches and delivery.

Our video production team can help define what type of video would best suit your business strategy.

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Artist Studio film with Anne Curtis and The Customs House Gallery: The Poison Gardener

Anne Curtis is an artist, interior designer and publisher based in the North East. As a fine artist and writer she creates work that spans lots of different techniques and media. For an exhibition at The Customs House gallery in South Shields, she created a series of interiors and decorative pieces based on a short story she wrote called The Poison Gardener. Here she talks about her life and inspiration.

Royal Society of Chemistry: Forensic Toxicologist Calum Morrison Discusses a Career in Forensics and the Study of Poisons

Calum Morrison is a forensic toxicologist who works with the police to identify deadly substances and narcotics. The Royal Society of Chemistry commissioned this film to encourage young people to study for careers in toxicology, a vitally important role in research, civil society and industry.

Swinging Festival Vibes: Join the Parade at Summer Streets

Arts and music festivals are a staple of the British summertime. WeLove Media was commissioned to get under the skin of the region's foremost free festivals - The Cultural Spring's 'Summer Streets'. The brief was to capture top artistic and musical performances as well as audience participation and feedback to show what people think of this much-loved event.

Inside Business: How Newcastle College's Lifestyle Academy helped make the Tyneside Bar Cafe

Tyneside Bar Cafe launched to an eager public with the aid of a business relationship with Newcastle College and the North East Local Enterprise Partnership. Links between Newcastle College's Lifestyle Academy and the Tyneside give students a viable career path and allows the Bar Cafe to concentrate on its most important asset - its people. This video is a collaboration with sound specialists Audioclicks.

OpenBionics and the 3D Printed Crystal Studded Robotic Arm

Bristol makers OpenBionics aim to revolutionise the world of prosthetics with their affordable 3D printed limbs. Model Grace Mandeville wore the firm's Swarovski crystal studded arm to the Wearable Technology Show and media interest from around the world was huge.

Light Sculptor: Zoe Garner Glass Artist

Zoe Garner is one of the UK's most sought after glass artists. She is a master at flamework, creating glassware, sculpture and jewellery with incredible precision using deft touch and artistic vision. This promotional film was the result of a creative collaboration between WeLove Media and Zoe, to highlight her tremendous skill.

WeLove Media Showreel

WeLove Media creates video content for all. Our showreel shows some of the organisations and individuals we have worked with over the past couple of years. In no particular order: NHS Foundation Trust Hospitals, the Wearable Technology Show, Surfers in Munich, Visual Artists from around the globe, creative agency Everything Different, Tyneside Bar Cafe, and the London Vet Show.

Create and Thrive: Doing Everything Different Inside Newcastle's Premier Design Agency

Everything Different is a thriving creative agency working in marketing, advertising and web technologies. To stay at the top they worked closely with Newcastle College to train using 3D graphics package Cinema 4D. Senior partners Yousaf Khalid and Ian Millen told Inside Business about their competitive advantage.


Corporate video serves as an excellent tool to communicate with employees or customers, via a website or at business meetings and conferences. Give an overview of your company's strengths and expertise, with a tightly scripted video that includes interviews with the people who make your brand tick.

Product Video

Sales or product videos highlight the range of products and services you provide and the features and benefits they offer to your customers or clients. WeLove Media can create eye-catching videos for websites, exhibition stands or showrooms that convert interest into sales.

How To Video

Explainers or 'how to' videos go in-depth to reveal extra detail on a subject or provide instruction to product and service users. We can help turn your expertise into industry thought leadership through the power of video.


If you have staff training needs then we can help to produce video training aids or case studies to create better standards across your company. Case studies also provide a great way of showing evidence of effectiveness for funding and inward investment.


Cover everything from business conferences to product launches, social events to festivals. WeLove Media can record the impact of your events and cover the important presentations. Speakers, create your own archive of keynote speeches and guest spots at big industry events, with WeLove Media's dedicated camera team.

Social and SEO

Wherever you host video, WeLove Media can help boost the brand with targeted video for websites and social media channels. Whether you need a webinar/webcast or video blog, a one-off or a series of videos to optimise your company's search ranking and digital marketing, we can create the right content at the best price.

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